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In Iron Man 2, he inherits the Messiah complex of Obadiah Stane, convinced that his methods of handling the Iron Man and Arc technologies are the only ones worth considering. The Iron Man suit becomes both a spiritual and physical contaminant—his heart is literally poisoned the more he uses the armor to pursue his own selfish interests.

The Iron Man movies are about a lot of things—the cyclical nature of violence, the proper use of power, institutions as inherently corrupt, the manufacturing of fear, and destructive individualism, to name a few—but the main message is one of peace, and how true peace can only be achieved by putting our weapons aside. Each successive film finds Tony becoming more and more like the villains he faces—his ultimate villain is always himself and his own lust to be the guy in control.

He can always rebuild them, but the point is that he is not defined by his armor, any more than America has to be defined by its militarism.

Like most superhero films, they at times perpetuate a fantasy in which the good guys can stop the bad guys without collateral damage. In the first film, Tony Stark takes out a whole group of terrorists without hurting their innocent hostages. In Iron Man 3 , his drone strikes are always accurate.

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Even so, the final moments of Iron Man 3 are surprisingly radical, given that most blockbusters argue that our problems can be solved with more weapons and violence, not less. If it goes without saying, it goes without reading. While I generally agree with that approach, you may want to actually read this.

Do you really think a movie released in early was a critique of it? However, the use of drone strikes in places like Pakistan actually began in under Bush, and the Obama administration dramatically increased the drone campaign as soon as his first term began. If that is true, these writers should be fired. I go to movies to escape reality and enjoy a show — not to be reminded of what a shitty world we now live in.

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Why not both? Enjoy a good moment, but you can still think about the real situation. NewsCred Plugin Dev Site. Intentional or not, the movies will be viewed in the future as social commentary. You said it very well. Actually, in the Avengers, that point was made any number of times by Captain America, but I guess it was easy to overlook amidst all the action.

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At the heart of the Iron Man comic is the moral dilemma Tony lives with; his history as a weapons manufacturer. This was a major gaff kind hard to forgive, really. I wondered why did extremis make the soliders evil when Pepper had both use of her powers and she was perfectly rational? You Get Wet. Tony Stark is, indeed, a villain. The Civil War storyline addresses many of the things you mention in your article.

I disagree. And there still a last final chapter: in Avengers 2, Tony triedto create the perfect system of peace, without the hands of anyone, but then he created Ultron. Coulson nonchalantly threatens to some Russian officers to blow them and entire neighborhood, which is located in Russia, I suspect. Although not particularly divers group, the Good Guys of the franchise have few important black characters, even some ethnic Asian is a side-kick of blond Norse demigod, while Russians, Germans and rest of a white characters are divide only by ideology, they are both villains and part of a crew.

If you are young white preferably blond, ok darker is acceptable too as long as casting is good and girl is blond potentially genius, educating yourself and working for militar can bring you power, money and celebrity status, if you are white and stupid you can serve and experience adventure, if you are black you can serve and become colonel or commander of some kind even. What ever our flaws are or may be we are still above all Other and world is our to control and shape, and if are to do so we need military-industrial complex working in full throttle and without criticism.

Who can argue with that — only women that we see are worth something more then being objects are patriotic, serving their homeland. He is a villain only to those who see franchise as a villainous militaristic propaganda. Frost Giants, Dark Elves, and who knows who else — Hitler and Nazis too wanted to usher years peace, while feeding their fantasies with Norse mythology. Maybe Kevin Feige and rest of the gang. Home Longform more. Defanging the Unthinkable. A Fitting, Impressive Goodbye.

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Flying in a B is hours and hours of pure boredom, followed by moments of stark terror! If you are not interested in the peacetime alert or the non-flying tales of. Jan 2, Moments of Stark Terror! book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Flying in a B is hours and hours of pure boredom.