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Trending Now: Retro Inspired. Learn more. Their skin is flexible but tough and can resemble bark in texture. I love Clawdeen and Flora, but my lil sis loves all of dem from both shows. Whimsical, yet natural.

Notable animals weed wolves can crossbreed with include: pommeranians, broccolambs, catermelons, pumpkits, and lettuce lions. Weed wolves are notorious for being annoying and destructive. They are devastating in the wild if you're not prepared for them; they like to destroy caravans without an adequate number of merchants guarding them, and they will hunt down cagroo that get separated from these caravans.

Though only some weed wolf breeds engage in breaking things for the fun of it, it gives larger breeds a bad stigma in places like Auroria where trading is important. Despite this reputation, the nicer weed wolf breeds are excellent companions for anyone who needs someone constantly at their side.

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A carefully curated collection of vintage and antique treasures to make your everyday more beautiful. I'm Brittany, the woman behind Flora and the Wolf and this is.

Weed wolves are very in tune to what their "pack" needs, which leads them to pick up on what their owners need. This makes the pet varieties very good anxiety-reducing animals.

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Flora and the Wolf. Description Flora lives in a small town in 13th-century Italy. She loves running wild in the forest and she longs to see a wolf, even though her parents warn her that wolves are dangerous. Flora watches the birds and animals but can't understand what they are saying. London New York. Sign in Join Wishlist.

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