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Not everyone is that lucky, though. First, you're on the right track getting your pup active. So, tip number one?

Dream Dog Hunt Terrier Puppy Training "Anky" 6 Mo's Obedience/Tricks & More

I'm having a great time! It's not just for when it's time to leave. And when you're at the park, don't wait until it's time to leave to call your dog, she explained. That way they learn [being called] isn't always something bad. And did you catch that about the treat? At some parks they're prohibited, and for good cause, said Simon. Other dog park good practices include keeping your dog leashed until you get to the gate, said Simon — don't let them just run ahead. You want to watch the park for a while when you get there, she said, and get the vibe of the dogs in there.

When you do go in, keep a close eye on things. If that's you, help your fellow dog parents out, and call your pup away when a new friend comes through the gate. Any time two dogs are playing for an extended period, there's an opportunity for one of them to miss social cues and things start to escalate. If you make it through that gauntlet, your work's only just begun. It's not social hour now.

We are conveniently located in Deep River, CT. Exit 4 off of Route 9.

A five week class designed to teach all the basics. Sit/stay, down, come, loose leash walking, boundaries, and elimination of common behavior problems like. Dream Dogs offers a large selection of group classes for dogs of all ages and skill levels. In addition to standard obedience and agility, we include a variety of.

That's good play. But if a large group of dogs is chasing [one dog] that's not good. That strong recall comes into play again here. Before you ever even go to the park, you can set everyone up for a better experience. Choose your park wisely by reading up beforehand. Look for parks that have a small gated area around the entrance, to help prevent escapes. This is not to say that reward based training never works. It may work for some dogs, like it did for my late Golden Retriever Zack. He would eat anything anytime.

He was highly responsive to treats. But Lakai is not like that. We knew a different approach was required, and we were lucky to find Dream Dogz. To be clear, she is the same dog…just better. She demonstrates self-control. Walks are easier. Play time is safer. She is a joy to have around now. I also feared that after leaving the Ranch and coming home, Lakai would simply return to her old ways. WE had to read the books, understand the methods, and practice, practice, practice. Sure enough, it worked.

Critics of their methods should really reflect on and consider the alternative. We knew that Lakai was not going to be re-homed. At a shelter, she would have surely been euthanized. The Warfel Method is humane and it works. Their training was awesome , very helpful and informative. Kenny was very reactive to strange dogs and usually tried to bite them upon meeting them.

Two Week Board and Train Program

We just completed personal training with Rich as our trainer, and we are so impressed with the progress Kenny has made. At our final session this week, Kenny was able to walk side by side with another dog with no reaction at all. The focus on clear communication between dog and human has been very rewarding for both us and Kenny.

Practical and Effective training for the canine of today.

Here at Metropawlitan Dog Training, we combine obedience training with socialization so that your puppy learns confidence around other people at the same time as he is learning how to behave when greeting new friends. It could be the edge of your lawn at the road, or a line of trees between you and the neighbours. Look for parks that have a small gated area around the entrance, to help prevent escapes. He answers emails right away and never tires of my questions. If you make it through that gauntlet, your work's only just begun. Puppy and Basic Obedience classes will kick off our fall schedule at and respectively.

As a trainer, Rich as been extremely patient and attentive, and does a great job explaining training concepts in terms we can understand. Victoria has been responsive and easy to communicate with when scheduling sessions. Overall, we have nothing but a positive experience with Dream Dogz and have already recommended them our friends! We adopted our bull terrier mix 2 months ago and decided to start him in training.

Within a couple of weeks he started to walk on the leash right next to us and barely tugs. After the last class we took him to a dog friendly restaurant and it was the first time he has been able to calm down after seeing other dogs without having to be removed from the situation completely. Alot of work but amazing results!

I have worked with them over the past two years, and it has been wonderful. We completed the individual training sessions and have been using their boarding services regularly over the past two years ranging from weekends to longer trips. I was embarrassed about my dogs training prior to finding Dream Dogz. When I need to leave my dog in boarding with Rich and Victoria at the ranch , I have no worries.

They also update with plenty of pictures. It's the first time i have taken work trips and vacations without worrying about my dog the entire time. The company is always keeping us in the loop with new training opportunities and update. I am so happy I found Dream Dogz and would recommend them to any of my friend, family, or other dog owners. When I first came to Dream Dogz, I knew I needed help training my own service dog but did not know how to do it. My puppy pulled a lot and nothing I was doing was working. Dream Dogz used a variety of techniques to see what worked best for my puppy.

I knew Aedan was getting it after I was in an automobile accident. He walked very slowly with my and my walker. He was brilliant! Aedan has made a world of difference in my life! These classes are wonderful for the dogs and great fun for the owners. Anyone wanting a better trained, relaxed dog, go take classes at Dream Dogz! Our first is a black German Shepherd who had pretty serious anxiety issues. She had become destructive with furniture or anything else she could get her teeth around. We found Dream Dogz while they were still located in Gainesville a few years ago and put her in a 4 week program.

We could not have been any more delighted with the training our dog got. She came home so much calmer, happier and content. We were given the information up front about the e-collar and walked through how it would be used and what for. Used correctly, which you're trained to do, it's simply a form of communication with your dog. A few years later I went back to Victoria and Rich to train my service dog. It has been 6 months since I worked with Dream Dogz, I have been invited several times to public outing for continued training and a 4 once a week meeting for training.

I get so many compliments on how well my dog is trained. People don't even know she's there most of the time. But would add that this is your dog and you know them better than anyone do not hesitate to communicate what your dog needs while they are with Dream Dogz. Your dog is safe in their care. My husband and I took both of our dogs and all four of us were able to get a lot out of it — Remy has learned so much and Piper is calming down!

The dogs are exhausted after our training sessions that are scattered throughout the day. All of the extra tips and tricks you throw in there for us personally are truly appreciated. Piper slept through the last storm and is a much more chill companion these days! I adopted a Great Dane mix at Christmas from the county shelter. Thor had been in and out of the shelter and was loving and sweet but had no manners at all.

By the end of our first 4-week class, he was walking at our side, coming when called, and has even mastered sit and stay. He still has work to do and I found the place to learn the skills we need. Establishing our control made our dog worry less! The training worked wonders and we highly suggest it. I definitely would recommend them to anyone. Brie was a very anxious, adult dog, and we had tried training her with different trainers in the past. Dream Dogz has worked a minor miracle with the overall behavior of Brie. My husband was really impressed with the transformation within a 2 week time frame.

Chef loves Victoria and her training… could not have made it without her. I love her positive approach and results. What a caring trainer who makes each session fun as well as productive. She certainly does so much more than any other trainer in town, with her hands-on, real-life training. Now, I have a happy, obedient dog. He now eats side by side with my other dog. He has such good manners. He walks right beside me without a leash. He knows no means no. He chills out. No more counter surfing, no more jumping on guests and me. All thanks to Dream Dogz. Nobody likes kids with no manners, kids who are bullies and pushy.

Same with dogs. Dream Dogz trained my dog and in the process taught me how to be a better and more responsible pet parent. I recommend them to everyone. I came to Dream Dogz because they have experience with service dogs, and my dog responded beautifully. He is now a full service dog! I was nervous being away from her for so long but Hannah texted me throughout the weeks, including pictures and videos of her progress, to keep me posted.

I felt so comfortable knowing that she was in such great hands. I told Hannah the various behaviors that Peyton would do so they could work on improving her obedience. When I came back I was extremely delighted to see how my fun and loving puppy was still the same adorable puppy with such a cute personality, but that she would actually listen to the commands. I realized a dog cannot get trained over night, or even in a month, but Peyton has improved immensely during her time here. I will continue to train my dog with Dream Dogz throughout my time in Gainesville.

Thank you guys so much! We were walking Beta and Duke the other morning, and both Mark and I commented on how we never thought it would be possible to walk them without the pulling, barking, chasing and all around craziness. You see she got not 1, but 2 compliments from strangers about how well behaved she was BTW, she was not on a leash, but her e-collar was working its magic. Stella and I go walking or running every morning, I carry her leash and her e-collar controller and off we go!

I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thank you for all that you have done. I already knew that I learned so much from you already but never realized just how much until I got out there on my own. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. My 3 yr old yellow lab is perfectly trained in the house, but the minute we step out she is nutty on the leash.

Well, I got a Mastiff puppy and I tried to make her better on leash walking. I found Dream Dogz online. At our first meeting, as I was sitting there, someone walked in and I was literally pulled part way across the room by my 2 dogs. Quite embarrassing to say the least. Dream Dogz gave me the tools and knowledge to train my dogs and me.

Welcome – Dream Dogz – Central Florida Dog Training

By the end, we all sat together at a restaurant and my pound Mastiff and my 70 pound Lab were perfectly behaved. The trainers are great at explaining why they recommend the methods they use, and they WORK! My dog knew how to sit, lie down, and shake before going to the Foundation class, but after the fourth week by dog was walking nicely on a leash no more pulling! I remember feeling anxious in the beginning, but when my dog went to Rich without a problem I felt at ease.

They treated her so well and she learned so much and so did I. I know they will treat Heart as if she was one of their own. I was convinced my dog was definitely slower at learning the basics, or he was super defiant. We knew we had better get a grip on him before he ends up owning us.

Victoria spoke to us about the Freedom Collar which has different choices by using different buttons and a large range to set the strength, depending on your dog. We each put it on our wrists and my husband said he felt a very small sensation at about I barely felt it at It was unbelievably gentle. I was so impressed. I was sold. She then demonstrated it with my dog Pacino, and he all of a sudden turned into this star pupil.

Was this really my dog? My dog was fear aggressive. I felt hopeless. I did not know how to deal with her. She was medicated, which sedated her, and I felt bad about that. Dream Dogz helped us get her off medication, and taught us how to train her. She needed to be trained differently that the other dogs we have had. Now, we are able to walk her out in public and take her to dog-friendly stores without her losing it. She will never be super-friendly, but she is easier to deal with now.

Before I found Dream Dogz, my dog was not listening to me at all. I felt helpless, like it would never happen. What set Dream Dogz apart was their approach, how they communicated why these techniques were used and why and how they worked. I realized that Dream Dogz was actually working to solve my problem when I watched videos of the change in other dogs during their training, then got to watch the daily progress that our dog made. Now, life is happier and less stressful. I am so proud when people tell me how good she is!

I was stuck in an endless cycle of wanting to help my dog, but being frustrated at the lack of results. Now, there is structure in my house. I have been able to better communicate with my dog on how he should act. It was shortly into the first lesson that I learned it was us that needed the training, rather than Honey. She is a smart dog but we did not know how to teach her. Victoria helped us learn how to train our dog and gave us principles that we can use long after class. Today, Honey can sit, down, stay, leave it, find it, walk on a loose leash, come, spin, high five, crawl and play dead!

We are even thinking about enrolling our STAR pup into agility classes. Honey is having so much more fun with new challenges and we are enjoying our time much more thoroughly with our puppy.

Thank you for everything you did for my boy! Brody has improved more than I ever thought possible. He is an absolute dream at the dog park, always listens to a command the first time I ask, waits for my approval at every threshold, and is just awesome. Today he let maintenance into the apartment and work for over 45 minutes. Gus can now be around other dogs, travel safely with us, and go on more walks.

Better yet, I was able to take the tools I learned with Dream Dogz to teach him new things at home. Thank you so much! I found Dream Dogz, and their concrete training activities were realistic and enjoyable. Because of their training, my puppy became enjoyable. She is now well behaved and a pleasure to be with. Beyond the excellent training particulars you gave us, you gave us hope and encouragement.

When we felt sad for the other dog she seemed determined to attack, you kept us on course with encouraging words and we have survived. When I would email you with frustration, you told us to persevere because she was just seeing how far she could get with us and your insight made us feel we could move ahead. And now Annie will be a year old on the 23rd and she really has turned into the dog we hoped for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My little dog Homer was so shy around people and dogs that at the first session, I had to hold him in my arms while he was visible shaking in my arms. Victoria was wonderful and helped ease his nervousness and mine by making us feel right at home and offering suggestions that may help. By the third class, Homer surprised us when he walked into class by himself, went right to the door and when I opened it, he went right to the chairs where we sit.

During the fourth class, Homer was even more sure of himself. Victoria and Richard definitely love what they are doing and it shows in the way that they reach out to assist both the owners and their dogs with mastering their issues as well as their goals. I must say that Victoria is definitely related to the dog whisperer and you will not leave Dream Dogz without wanting to signing up for more. I was skeptical about dog training, but if you follow what you learn and practice faithfully, you will will be totally amazed!!!!

Chloe's story is a success story for sure. We adopted her at 6 months old, she was very skittish!!!! She displayed severe fear issues and I brought in a professional along with help from my vet. I read every book I could get my hands on and followed the advice of the professional. She was on it a year and a half we have traveled everywhere with her!! But you take her out of her comfort zone and you can hardly take her for a walk. She pulls on me so hard , bad for me and walks in a panic state at new noises. It broke our hearts and Boxers are prone to cancer, being this afraid can't be healthy.

In our searches for help with this sweet dog , 3 times it was suggested to us by others in the field, are you sure you want her??? She is the sweetest, most loving dog and lives with Jada and our Ivy 3 legged chihuahua. We needed new tools to help her and guess what???

I am over the moon with happiness as she brings us so much joy and to see her better because we found the right help and didn't give up! I truly believe had it not been us that adopted her she would no longer have life, the early days were so hard! She was so fearful, she dumped her anal glands at anything that spooked her.

If you don't think that was tuff , lol think again. She then began to growl at my husband, so you can see how we had our work cut out for us. I was frustrated that my dogs were not listening to me. Dream Dogz explained why dogs act a certain way, and helped me train them. I knew Dream Dogz was working when I could actually let my dogs off leash to walk. Now, I love being with my dogs! I had an out-of-control, undisciplined dog, and felt there might not be a solution to my problem.

I considered finding her a new home. She no longer tries to herd the horses. We are still working on some things, however we have made huge steps since last year. She now has the whole 26 acre property to run now, and I can tell she is a happier pup.

Thank you! Before I contacted Dream Dogz, I was having issues with my dog focusing and holding certain commands. I felt defeated! It was so discouraging and it constantly brought me down. In my search for a program, I had looked for hours upon hours. When I found Dream Dogz, and saw their work and experience, I had confidence this would be what could help me.

I knew Dream Dogz could help me on the night before I had actually called and signed up. Now that we have trained with Dream Dogz, life is great! I train every other day since my body has a hard time with everyday with my dog. He is on track to possibly attend school with me in the first few months of We are preparing for our CGC, then more training until the public access test which we hope to take in early We enjoyed the training and the activities along with the new friends we met! We are currently going through Service Dog training with our 9 month old GSD, and let me say that it has been nothing but wonderful progress.

My fiance and I are very pleased with how well structured the program is and how quick Zion our GSD has responded to the training, of course with constant daily effort on our part. Zion is halfway through his "60 Day to Your Dream Dog" training and closing up on his 5 week boarding. The trainers are amazing, helpful, and have guided us so much with Zion's training. So far everything has been phenomenal and will definitely be back in a few months to update on Zion's development. I highly recommend Dream Dogz. When we started Mac had quite an attitude problem.

When people walk up to pet him, he immediately sits down and chills out , and when we pass other dogs on walks he just keeps walking like normal. He had a short fuse and would get overly excited when he saw another dog. His excitement could quickly turn escalate out of control. Victoria and Rich gave me a few tips during a 15 minute evaluation.

Stark and I started training on Monday. After class we stopped at Petsmart. Stark was almost the perfect gentleman, and calmed down immediately when corrected. Today, Saturday, I took Stark and his brother Conner to the vet and then to petsmart. Again no crazy barking, and Stark immediately calmed down with only mild corrections the few times it was necessary.

Stark even ignored all the dogs that were barking at us. This afternoon some friends brought their great dane over for me to dogsit. We introduced all 3 dogs in the street, took them for a short walk and let them interact in the back yard before bringing them in the house. After my friends left I took the dogs in the back yard so Stark and Conner could run and play with their new best friend.

Thank you Victoria, Rich, and all of your staff, for giving me the tools to help Stark become another dream dog! Before training with Dream Dogz, my year old dog had never received any training. This was frustrating because poorly trained dogs are a pain! Victoria was different because she took a very practical approach to training and focused on the individual dog, even in a group setting.

Plus, she was just plain fun to be around! Dream Dogz is an amazing place to take your dog to train. Victoria is incredible with the dogs and all of us owners. I am a big believer in Freedom! Shorty is happier and much healthier now that he can run off leash. Now he can take off after a squirrel and immediately turn around and come when called. I rarely have to correct him. I brought my dog to them for their board and train program after another trainer said that she couldn't train my dog.

Simply put, I was devastated. However, Victoria and Richard reassured me that they could work with my dog and make her into my dream dog. My husband and I had tried with very little results to crate train our dog, but it resulted in a lot of broken crates and sleepless nights. Additionally, they really improved her basic obedience skills. Seriously, I was amazed by the progress she made with them in such little time. One of the things that I loved about working with them is that they constantly gave me updates on her progress. I got a lot of videos of them working with her and pictures of her playing with other dogs and relaxing in her crate.

My friends have all been amazed by the progress that Rosie has made and I eagerly recommend to them Dream Dogz. We contacted Dream Dogz because we had what we thought was a simple issue with a newly adopted rescue. My daughter adopted a husky mix that was told by the rescue would be a good service dog candidate. His initial seemingly passive behavior in the beginning and that he knew some basic commands led her to adopt him. They responded to our inquiry immediately, came over to help within 10 minutes, which is amazing service within itself.

Most importantly though, they immediately identified serious problem in the dogs temperament, mainly aggression that he and the rescue group was hiding from us his first few days with us we had him 4 days. Thankfully the dogs we have rescued and raised in the past were what you see what you get dogs, so we were so taken back and in disbelief that my daughters dog had turned out exactly opposite of what he had first appeared! Dream Dogz let us know that its not uncommon for dogs to show their true colors a few days or up to a week or two being in a new home.

I believed my little Princess was perfect until I learned that she was terribly aggressive towards other dogs and cats. My partner and I struggled to train her as we didn't know how to handle the situation. Walks were a hassle and outings were stressful. I didn't want her continue a life restricted from the outside world because she was a danger, and that's when we decided to look for dog trainers. We found DreamDogz and I felt very comfortable leaving my little girl with Victoria and Richard for a whole month while she did her bootcamp training.

I knew she would be happy to be on a ranch and I was happy that she would have the opportunity to be around other dogs. I was kept updated of Princess' progress through Instagram and Facebook; it was so almost surreal seeing her around dogs and cats and be completely fine. When we went to pick her up, I definitely saw a change in her demeanor. That, however, was not the ending of the training journey.

DreamDogz has a variety of the learning tools for owners to continue the same training at home and it's exactly what you need when your dog comes home. It is crucial to maintain the training so the dog learns that you are now in authority. This part was much easier after Victoria and Richard worked on her. At this point, walks with Princess are fun and calm. She listens much better and has a blast while we work on our little training sessions.

We will be welcoming a new pup in our home and we feel very comfortable handling the situation thanks to DreamDogz's guidance. Thank you for providing experienced, competent, and knowledgeable dog training to the dogs from our rescue. Giving back to the community is important, and you have been providing free training to our dogs for nearly two years. We thought our dog would never be able to walk on a leash without pulling before Dream Dogz! I was taught the Warfel Way and many important aspects of dog training and dog business. The staff was very professional. I was treated with respect.

Again thanks for training and transparency of Dream Dogz. My mom was dog sitting Riley and had a visitor come to the house. As usual, Riley ran to greet the visitor before training with you, he would get excited and jump all over. Moral of the story is Dream Dogz works! He really perks up when we turn down the road and is very anxious to get inside.

No treats for you!

After all of this time of dog ownership and training and working dogs, I still am amazed with the new ideas and things to try in both the regular class and the special workshops. We have been doing boot camp, and I couldn't be happier with the results so far! He got the exact training that was right for him and our family. So grateful for you guys! Though I live in Atlanta, I chose Dream Dogz because when I first contacted Victoria it was evident that she was on same page as me as to the plan for training.

I also felt that she had a sincere interest in helping my dog prepare for SD work.

Welcome to Fusion Dog Training Company in Monument Colorado

I had taken him to a beginner group class locally, before he went to Dream Dogz, so he had a basic foundation and I found that when he returned home he was much tighter and focused on his obedience training. Most importantly, after board training, he had the scent down to detect low blood sugar and was able to give a live alert within a few days of coming home. I feel that Dream Dogz provided me and my dog with the needed knowledge and tools to continue our scent training and be a successful team.

My dog also began e-collar training with them and his recall has greatly improved in just a weeks time. I was able to keep up with his progress through FB and Instagram and Victoria responded to all of my texts very quickly. It is nice knowing that I have her continued support, as well. I highly recommend Dream Dogz!

Jake was always overly adrenalized when I took him to the barn or out anywhere for that matter. Now with Dream Dogz, Jake calmly stayed in a down in an aisle way surrounded by horses out in the pasture, focused on coming when I called him and was able to change up his here command with a few downs in the middle.

I had an obedient dog before Dream Dogz, but only when there was no distractions. I did not know how to handle him out in the real world. Now I have a Dream Dog wherever we go. Thank you Victoria and Rich! I have observed the online, video and one on one training ,and their knowledge and professionalism is superb.

We dropped of Willow for board and train and Victoria and Rich worked with Willow alone and with my daughter for several days at the ranch, a trip to Disney, the farmers market and out for a meal. We will soon pick up Willow and the personalized training will continue. This training team treats you like Family and are always available for your questions or concerns. Which ever training program you choose you will be treated the same. They are there for you and your dogs success. When we first adopted Roxie she put forth a happy well-adjusted facade, much like a child who has had the misfortune to spend time in the foster care system.

All the pictures we posted were happy and joyful…. The longer we had her, the more fear, anxiety, and nervousness we witnessed. I think she knew she was loved but her world had suddenly gotten so big and she was overwhelmed. Before we took her to Dream Dogz, the only way she could feel safe was to hide, sometimes under beds, sometimes behind a recliner, many places, she still did want to be with us.

In the last 3 weeks she has gained confidence, security, and learned some much needed manners. When she comes home and finishes her treatment for heartworms she will experience an even bigger and better life. Victoria is skilled and knowledgeable, yet always learning so she can share the best knowledge, skills, and insight of training your four-legged family. Seniors and strong vigorous dogs sometimes need help along the way with issues that involve basic control. Even a trained loving dog can become too much dog as we age or illness changes our circumstances.

Vicki and Rich Warfel provided the solution I needed with my dog through their Boot Camp Program and I will always be grateful for their help. Vicki is an insightful and pragmatic young trainer with the skill to evaluate your problem, the issues with your dog, and zero in on a solution that will work in real life for both of you. The solution begins when you need it most, NOW……….

Program support is continuous and her goal is your goal…a well behaved, happy dog for a caring owner. I started taking my chocolate lab to Victoria at Dream Dogz since he was 4 months old and it has been the best decision. It is never too young to start training. They are so knowledgeable and patient. He is the best behaving dog I have ever had and it is all thanks to them. We are so excited about the progress Doug has made in the four weeks since he started the Trickz class.

His newfound confidence carried over to a visit to PetSmart after class yesterday. He trotted right through the door without hesitating and was at ease the all the while we shopped. We were so impressed! We tried to think of another explanation, but nothing else has changed for him recently. So, thank you!!! It is especially gratifying because Doug is a rescue dog who showed up in our yard as a terrified stray, very malnourished and abused.

He had made a lot of progress before starting your class, but it has definitely been very, very good for him. Thanks, again! One is 5 years old and the other 10 years old.